Wednesday, November 3, 2010

So close!!

I'm almost done with my media arts application!!! FINALLY! It's due on monday. I have been working on this thing all semester! I can't even imagine how great it's going to be to have it done and not have to think about it again until christmas break when I find out if I get in. 1 more analysis and editing a couple more analysis papers and I'm done! I want to turn it in friday so I kinda beat the rush. well, I'm gonna go to bed soon because I'm sleepy.

53 days til Christmas! (technically it's 52 not counting today but we wanted it to be 53)
actually it's past midnight so it's 51.

I got the GREATEST gift for Elder Rogers for Christmas!!! I'm SOOOO excited. I've never been so excited about giving someone a gift but I've never bought a presnet that's so perfect! I got him a wire head massager! and anyone who knows Cameron knows he's a major sucker for a good head scratch or massage but obviously since he's on a mission he's not going to have anyone to help him out with that so I bought him a head massager. It feels amazing! I'm going to hold on to it for a few weeks before I send it so I can enjoy it and then he'll get it for Christmas (in 53 days)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

1 year

Today is October 20th which means that tonight, 1 year ago, Cameron asked if I would be his girlfriend and I said, "... ok" :)
the next thing he said was, "cool, well just to get this out there, if it lasts that long, you aren't waiting for me when I go on a mission."
"oh ok!" I said. haha , I thought, it's not going to last that long. No problem. I don't even know if I like him that much right now....
and now here I am a year later, not officially waiting but obsessively checking the mail every day for a letter that Elder Rogers sent me 2 weeks ago.

It's sure funny how things change isn't it?

Friday, October 15, 2010


So this past weekend was so much fun! I can't believe that it's been a week since we went to California. Anyway, we left thrusday night and drove to St. George. It was me, Michelle, Kristin, Skylar, and Michael. On friday we drove the rest of the way to Cali and went to the beach. Michelle and I have the same name so we wrote it in the sand and had to take pictures.
The product of our afternoon spent at the beach, 60 sand dollars! :)

Such a fun weekend with friends!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Email Day

I am living for emails right now. It's a little sad, I admit. But I love getting weekly emails from a certain Elder on his P-day. For the past 3 or 4 weeks since he left the mtc he hasn't had time to write me any letters. That's fine with me because I understand that he's busy and doesn't exactly know what's going on all the time because everyone is speaking Portuguese so he doesn't have much to say. So right now the only contact I have is email once a week on wedesdays. I get so excited to see an email in my inbox. But in the email today I was told that I would be getting a letter in the next week and a half so I'm so extremely excited about that. I'm still not waiting... Right now just no one else has sparked my interest enough for me to have the desire to even go on a date with them.

Something exciting is about to happen in my life though!! I'm going to California this weekend! What?! I have never been... oh my goodness a girl near me's phone just went off and her ringtone was party in the USA, wow... anyway, we're going to Disneyland! It's me, Michelle, Kristin, Michael, and Skylar (my roommates and 2 super great guys from our war) PARTY! I'm so excited. it's really putting a crunch on my time for doing homework though. 4 days gone like that... which is hard when you have 5 papers and 3 tests due in the next week. Speaking of which, I gotta write my history paper so adios!


I am a creeper. I try not to be but it's so easy to do. My friends know I'm a creeper which is ok because there's no need to creep on them if they're telling me everything anyway, but the people I don't know... I still know about them. I'm trying not to be quite so creepy about it. I don't let people know what I figured out about them. I'm a sneaky creeper. But it's harmless, I don't do anything with the information I figure out about people. I'm not a stalker. I just like knowing things about people. I don't know how to explain it any other way. I don't want people to think I'm a creepy person or aything I just know how to use resources to learn about people. I think it's fascinating. ok confession time's over. I'm going to try to finish my reading for a history paper I have to write by thursday now

Saturday, September 18, 2010


So this next week is going to be my crazy week. I have a lot of things to do this weekend to be ready for it. So what do I do? Well first I cleaned my shower (It was really gross). And now i'm writing a blog, which I haven't done it quite some time but I have lots to do so of course I'll write one now.
This week:
Monday- TA meeting for Human Development paper (that I've barely started), teacher conference for opinion editorial (that I have to rewrite), History paper due (that I haven't finished), meeting with a faculty member about my Media Arts application (that I need to come up with questions for)
Wednesday: New Testament test starts
Thursday: Human Development paper due
Friday: Human Development test starts, opinion editorial due
Monday: History paper due (that I haven't even looked at)

sounds like fun right?

Something that actually is fun, however, is we met some guys in my ward at a ward party last night and we ended up hanging out all night and it was so much fun! so now we have guy friends! :) I'm really excited about that since all of my other guy friends are on missions for the next 2 years.

Now I need to work on my papers... If I really focus I might be able to get them done by tonight so I can have some fun. But maybe not.

Friday, August 27, 2010


I finally moved into my new apartment at Liberty Square! It took me three days but I'm finally done unpacking, organizing, shopping, and decorating. It's quite an involved process. My roommate got here today but I have yet to meet her. I was asleep when she got here this morning haha and I was gone this afternoon when she started moving her stuff into the room. I want to meet her. It's funny to me that I'm going to live with this girl all year and I still haven't met her.
My room

My bathroom, I don't know how to rotate the picture
look how coordinated it is, it was completely on accident too!

Tonight I have a reunion with my DJ girls at California Pizza Kitchen for a girl's birthday. I'm so excited! I love those girls so much. Today I went to lunch with Eric and Bridget at J Dawgs. It's so yummy. Basically I'm her designated 3rd wheel because she's afraid to make it a date. I'm totally fine with that, I think Eric is awesome haha well so does she but not romantically, unfortunately.

Also, I lost my car keys last night. I'm not sure how that happened, I never lose my keys. I actually have my keys, it's just the one key and remote that I lost.
This is me right now.

One more thing, I'm so jealous of the freshmen this year. I loved my freshman year so much, easily the best year of my life. Bridget and I were creepers and went up to our old room the other day, it was sad that it's no longer ours. I'm so excited for Julie and the fun year she's about to have.

Monday, August 2, 2010

This and That.

I miss this.

and that.

this too.

and that.

even this.

and especially this.

Please let this next year bring as many wonderful memories and friends as the last one.

Saturday, July 31, 2010


oh how I love letters! I love opening up my little mail box and finding a letter in there with my name on it from one of my friends! Nothing else in my life right night compares to the feeling of getting a letter, which is a slightly pathetic reflection of what my life is right now but I'm finding a lot of joy in little things. I'm getting a little letter-ed out though, I've written more letters in the last month than I've ever written in my life. I think my friends are going to have a better record of what's going on in my life than I will. I have the greatest friends, I miss them but I'm so proud of all of them for being on missions.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


 Missionary letters... I love writing letters. I've come up with a few reasons why but they all seem lame when I say them out loud but I'll just leave it at I love writing letters. (I just read that the price of stamps might go up so I'm gonna have to stock up on forever stamps so I don't have to pay more for them) My 2 best guy friends just left on missions, Elder Cameron Rogers left last week for Brazil and Elder Colton Taylor is reporting tomorrow for Barcelona. So lots of letters and lots of stamps.

This weekend was super fun. I went up to Granny's house and we had a big family reunion that turned out having almost everyone there. The only granddaughter that wasn't there was Julie. We spent the day eating TONS of delicious food and hanging out with family. I was hoping to try wakeboarding again but the water was too cold so I wimped out. I guess I'll just have to go up there again this summer and try it. Maybe I can bring some friends... that'd be fun. We'll have to see. Our family was great though. I'm actually jealous of my mom and sisters who are still up there, even though there's not much to do once the rest of our family leaves.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


This is my life right now:

After 9 hours of calculus today I think my brain's about to explode.
I've never done so much math in my life. It's like all of the work that I would put into an entire semester of a math class just got crammed into a week and a half. Only like 6 weeks left...
The good part is, I mostly understand what I'm doing. At least I think I do, I'll have to see after I take my 1st midterm tomorrow or friday.
SOOO ready for the weekend. Now I think I'm going to watch Modern family until I fall asleep.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer Vacation

It's weird, it's summer but I'm spending my time going to class and doing calculus homework. My mom and littlest sisters are in Idaho at my grandparents enjoying their summer and Julie's in Europe. It doesn't feel like summer to me, but I get glimpses of it as I talk to my mom. Last weekend we had a Stolworthy family reunion, so fun! I have the coolest cousins ever! We have quite a bit of fun together. We all have very similar senses of humor meaning that we can laugh at anything someone says. To quote Rachel, "we make a joke and run with it, then squish it and murder it." haha and our family's just getting bigger as my cousins are getting married. 2 of them are getting married in the next 3 months :) and there are more to come, I'm sure.

Also, I got a bike! I haven't had a bike in probably 10 years but I love it, I ride it to campus.
(I would put up a picture but my cameras are up in Idaho with my mom)

In a week and a half I'll be up in Idaho with my mom's family celebrating the 4th of July, I'm excited. It's gonna consist of a triathalon, good food, and boating (including skiing and wakeboarding)

My friends are leaving on missions, here's part of the list:
Nathaniel: today
Cameron: 1 week
Colton: 2 weeks
Brad: 4 weeks
crazy... I guess I'm gonna have to buy some stamps

Monday, June 14, 2010


Well I'm finally in Provo. This past week has been insane. We packed up everything in our house in boxes and loaded them onto a truck. I've been living out of a suitcase ever since. We left our house on thursday night. It was quite depressing to look at our empty home, just a skeleton. I know I said that in my last entry but it was eerily true. We slept at my uncle's house and on friday we headed out at like 6. The seating arrangements were the best! My dad, Lucy (the dog), Sarah, and Andrea were all in the truck and my mom and I were in the Mercedes. Fair huh?! haha it was really relaxing and spacious but it worked out really well and the little girls were thrilled so we kept it like that the whole time. The first night we drove until we got almost to Kansas City. Missouri is disgusting, I drove through it and it was just gross... Kansas was almost as bad. It was really dull but at least it was green, we hit Kansas on Saturday. I drove most of the time. I had been hoping to stop in Colorado Springs and see Cameron but my dad said that he would have to meet him in Denver. Half way through Kansas my mom and I got sick of following the moving truck, it couldn't go faster than 65. So I called my dad and said, "I want to go to Cameron's house. We can drive up ahead and meet up with you later." He said OK! So I took off and drove 80 instead, it's amazing how much faster you get through Kansas going 80. By 5 we were in Colorado and by 7 I was at Cameron's house. :) It was almost too good to be true. I kept trying to pinch myself but I didn't need to because Cameron was doing that for me. We sat around and talked all night and Colton came over! Definitely one of my favorite nights ever. After Colton left we watched a movie and went to bed. The next morning we all got up and had breakfast, which was fantastic. Then we sat and talked and watched a movie and just enjoyed being together. My mom wanted to leave by noon but she took a nap at 11:30 and no one woke her up because I didn't want to leave. We finally left at 3. Gosh, I love the Rogers family. They are so much fun! :) Did I mention Colorado was beautiful? maybe I'm a little biased but those mountains were so green and I saw 2 rainbows!

The Rogers
Cameron and I

Now I'm sitting in the basement of my sister's house in Provo. It's weird to be back here. I slept in the exact same place I did last time I was here right after Cameron and I officially broke up. I'm slightly dreading going on campus because it will just bring back memories of freshman year and everyone that's not going to be there... but I'll meet a bunch of new people and I promised Cameron and Colton that I wouldn't do this so I'm gonna be happy and positive. Bridget just stopped by and we caught up a little. I can't wait to move into my apartment with my roommates in August! :)

I am incapable of writing a short entry. Maybe if I wrote more often I'd do better with that.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Home is Where the Heart is

Well, in exactly one week I will be sleeping in this house for the last time. It's a weird thought. I can't even wrap my mind around it, actually. This house... well it's my home. I've lived here since I was 10. I remember when we first moved in and I spent the whole first night crying because I wanted to go back to my old house. We did the next day and that's when I realized that home wasn't the house it was the family that lived in it and the things that were in it that made it ours. Granted, this house is a little different than the house we lived in before because we built this one and have lived here for so much longer. I'm starting to feel the detachment to this house just in that it's been remodeled since I was last here so it doesn't feel as much like it's mine. But I still don't know what I'm going to do without this being my home. The past few months at college my little dorm room was my home and I felt detached to that as I left because nothing about the room was mine anymore. I guess that's how it goes. You have a place and you fill it with you, then when you move it's just a skeleton of what it once was. I don't really want this house to be like that though. I love this house. My last bedroom here was painted for my big present when I turned 18. It hurts to think that the family moving in might paint over it. I love our backyard. It's seriously beautiful. Tonight we had our last cook out in the fire pit with the hammock and s'mores and everything... It was perfect. I think it's teasing us with how perfect it is right now. In a week it will all be nothing but a memory. (name that movie.... You've Got Mail :) ) I'm going to miss the green, having a yard, our house, the drinking fountain, my old adorable room, the people in our ward that I actually know. (so many new people moved in that I don't even know most of them anymore) I'm gonna miss the back country roads and the hills covered in trees. I love kentucky, it's where I've spent 13 of the 19 years of my life. I have so many memories here, but is it worth it to stay just to be able to relive those memories? Memories can be made anywhere. My best memories have been made in the past few months at BYU, not Kentucky. Well, here we go. Heading off into the unknown. Everything familiar to me is going to be gone, my house, home ward, friends, boyfriend... everything's changing at once, I just hope that I can embrace it and take it as it comes.

Come what may and love it!

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Well I'm still at home. But since I've been home a couple of big things have happened, the biggest being that we are actually moving. My family sold our house in a week before we'd even put it on the market by some amazing series of events. We're getting ready to start packing and we're heading westward in a month. Super fast, huh? Because I'm going to be in Utah, I signed up for summer semester which starts at the end of June. I'm nervous about that because I'm taking calculus for the first time and taking a semester's worth of calc in 7 weeks is scary. But it's the only major class I'm taking to I hope I won't get too overwhelmed. If I do, I can just retake it fall semester so then I'll be familiar with the material. It's too bad I won't have my super smart Cameron to help me with it because he'll have left on his mission by then!! Speaking of Cameron, we were trying to decide if I should visit him this summer and go to his farewell but after some serious discussion we decided that it wasn't the best idea. I am, however, going to get to see him because my family's going to drive through Colorado Springs (which is where he lives, obviously) on our way to Utah so we'll stop by and say hello. :) That's enough for me.

Now I need to go find something to do, which there isn't as much as you'd think there'd be with us moving in a month and whatnot but oh well. I'll just go enjoy the sunshine, green, and humidity of kentucky while I'm here.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


I'm home, finally. I'm so tired but I can't go to bed yet, even though it's 1:20 am and I have church at 9... I'm still on Utah time which is two hours earlier so it doesn't feel right to go to sleep. I got back at 6 tonight and said hello to my family. By 7 I was ready to fly back to Provo. I'm trying to be positive and happy. I like having my mom to talk to again and it was fun to see Julie while she was around but I'm going through slight BYU withdrawls. I miss my cute little room and having a closet. I miss Cameron. I miss not having to use real money. I miss all of my DJ girls. I miss Colton. I miss my bed, and my pillow. And my big stuffed bear that I slept with. I miss my rubiks cube. I didn't mean for this to become a list of things I miss... I don't know how i'm gonna do this all summer...

Friday, April 23, 2010


I'm moving out today. I'm feeling better today about it all than I did yesterday. I'm thinking about the things that I've done this year that I've never done before...
I lived on my own
I met tons of people
I wasn't a tag along or after thought, I was one of the 1st people invited
I was in my first relationship
I went to class or didn't as I pleased
I got a debit card
I was out til 5 or 6 in the morning
I had my first kiss
I packed up all of my belongings on my own
I had my first break up- though it didn't last :)
I wrote a paper every week
I was ok with a little bit of PDA
I picked my own classes
I signed a contract
I broke some rules (only minor ones :) )
I learned how to play so many card games
I watched boys open their mission calls
I said goodbye to my best friends ever
I wrote my first missionary letter
I got out of my comfort zone and went places with people I didn't know
I hiked the Y
I learned more about myself than I ever knew before
I went to my 1st concert
I made more decisions than I have had to before
What an amazing year.... I don't know if any other year in school can possibly compare. That's what I'm going to miss the most, the amazing things that I've experienced and the people I experienced them with.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Sadly, today is my last full day at BYU until next fall. Colton moved out on Monday and Cameron and Bridget moved out today. Everyone's putting their lives in boxes and (for the boys) taking everything home or (for the girls) sorting through everything to take home what we need for summer and storing everything else. My room, 2116 David John Hall, which has been my home for the past 8 months doesn't look like my room anymore. I took my decorations down and I've been working on packing the rest of my possessions. Most of the rooms in the hall are empty. My friends are gone, heading home to various places across the world. I'm alone here and ready to leave because it's such a depressing ghost town here. I don't fly home until saturday morning though. At least Erin is here. I'm checking out on friday night and staying the night with her. Cameron's with his family now. He and his parents came and helped me lower my bed today, it was super helpful. They're so great. Now, I need to shower, I need to do laundry, I need to pack, I need to move my stuff out of my room, I need to clean, I need to keep myself busy so I don't think too much about this hollow feeling I have because everyone is gone.

Yesterday was a good day. My mom and Erin were here and my Granny and Aunt Rachel drove down from Idaho. Cameron and I went out to eat with them and he got to experience a little bit of my family. It went really well. We had fun and talked a lot. Erin then mentioned that she had to take my cousin Rachel to the airport (from the other side of the family). It was going to be a really long drive so Cameron offered for us to drive up there with her. It was pretty enjoyable, we didn't have anything else to do that day. It was cold and rainy anyway. On the way back from the airport we stopped by my great aunt and uncle's house mostly because my mom wanted us to. We stayed there for a few hours and played games and talked. By the time we left it was past 11. Erin and I were exhausted so Cameron drove our car home. We dropped Erin off at home and Cameron and I had a car for the rest of the night, it was such a nice change after not being able to drive anywhere for 8 months. It was our last day and night and we just enjoyed being together. Unfortunately he wasn't feeling very well, so it put a slight damper on it. But it was still really good :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The End

My first year at BYU is now drawing to a close and it has me reminiscing. I've seriously loved this year, I think it's pretty safe to say that it's been the greatest year of my life so far. I'm not big on change, especially drastic permanent ones like this year ending, me flying back to Kentucky, and not being able to see my guy friends again. (and the ones I do see again it'll be 2 years before that happens) That's extremely difficult for me. I've been dreading the end of this semester as soon as we got back from Christmas, which is probably why it's flown by. I haven't done a very good job of recording all of the amazing things that have happened this year so I'm going to attempt to go over a few of my favorites now.
The Keith Urban concert: it was like the 1st week of school and Michelle Metcalf and I got tickets to the concert. We needed one more person and I happened to have Cameron's number so I texted him and he wanted to go. It was so fun! My 1st concert ever and it was the 1st time I really hung out with Cameron. I started dating him like a month later.
The shaving cream war: EPIC to say the least. Tons of us out in a park throwing shaving cream at each other... awesome. Can't say I've ever done anything like that before, although I should have because we used to do it at girls camp but I never wanted to.

Hiking the Y: Cameron invited me to hike the Y the day after the shaving cream war, haha all of these memories are the first 2 weeks. what can I say? we were excited! Anyway, Cameron and I had fun together and later that week he asked me on a date, so I must have done something right that night. It was fun going up there and seeing the city lights then we had to hike down in the dark, that was an adventure!
Floor sleep over: We went up to Kristin's cabin and all hung out. I think this helped so much with the amazing unity that we all have now and I'm so thankful for that. I'm going to miss all the girls!

True Blue: We went and got covered in blue foam! it was so fun! And yes, this is slightly a Cameron memory because we met up there and hung out the whole time. Once again, it was something that I never would have been ok with if I wasn't at BYU.

Corn maze: a huge group of us went up to Thanksgiving point and went through the corn maze. It was amazingly fun! This sticks out to me because Cameron and I started officially dating a few days later. (I'm not meaning to tell the story of my relationship but those are the memories that stick out to me.)

Halloween: We got the amazing idea to dress up as the Scooby Doo Mystery Gang and it was a huge hit! I've never enjoyed Halloween so much! Random people were coming up and taking pictures with us because we looked so good. (Not to brag or anything)

BYU vs Utah game: The 1st time I really truely got into a football game. It was thanksgiving weekend and I had hurried back from my Granny's house so that I could make it to the game. We ended up winning in overtime! It was so exciting!! After the game a small, really random, group of people went to Bridget's Aunt's house and watched a movie in the movie theater room in her basement.
My birthday: It was a really good day. That night Cameron, Colton, Bridget, and I went bowling and I broke 100 AND won! When we got back we played Disney Scene It and I won at that too!

Kristin's birthday: We had a surprise party for Kristin! She had no idea! It eventually turned into a crazy dance party... so great...
Cameron's mission call: It was a thing that I was both looking forward to and slightly dreading. Where in the world was Cameron going to go? ... without me. selfish, yes, but honest. He got called to Curitiba, Brazil! His call has completely changed our relationship in ways that we never thought possible, for the better. I'm so excited for him and yes, I'm going to write, and no, I'm not going to wait.

Valentine's Day: I've never enjoyed it until this year when I got a dozen roses from my boyfriend! :) not to be superficial or anything, just having someone on that day is so much better than being single like I've always been.

Festival of Colors: It was a Hindu festival where you throw a bunch of colored corn starch at everyone, it's amazingly fun, it's just really hard to breath for a minute when the colors first go up. It gets everywhere too, but it's so worth it!

This is just a few of my memories.... and this is a REALLY long post. Oh well, not very many people actually read it anyway :) this is more for me to help me remember things anyway. Gosh, I loved my freshman year!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Today I had to pitch a story idea to my media arts class. It was a competition. Last week in our labs we had to pitch our ideas then our class voted to say whose story was their favorite. I had a really good story idea, a product of a moment of inspiration at 2 in the morning before I fell asleep the night before. So, unfortunately my story idea was pretty brilliant so my class picked my story as number 1 of their top 5 stories pitched. The 5 of us that got picked was then "given the honor" of pitching to our lecture class of about 70 people. I don't like public speaking at all so this was the last thing I wanted. But I didn't have a choice, my TA emailed me and told me last night that my story had been picked. So this morning I got up in front of my class and had to present my story idea in a minute or less without any papers or anything. Needless to say, I was kind of panicing. But I did it. I survived. I stumbled over my words and I don't know if I did my story idea justice but I don't really care, I did it and it's over :)

My story idea: To tell the story of the life and woes of the world's most hated inanimate object- the alarm clock. It be a 2-3 minute short told from the perspective of an alarm clock. It starts with the alarm clock going off and a faceless, nameless teenager wakes up and hits it to make it stop going off. The alarm clock hates going off in the morning because it just gets beat up for doing what it's supposed to do. The beatings get progressively worse, first it's hit, then kicked, then even thrown across the room. The alarm clock then tries to find ways not to go off to avoid getting beat up, it succeeds but the backfires because the person is even more angry because they slept in. Eventually the focus is turned to a calender in the corner of the shot that shows the days passing. You can see that it is finally summer and both the student, and the alarm clock, get a break.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Warm weather :)

I lost another wrestling match against Cameron... This time it involved highlighters. haha I'm the worst wrestler ever. Once again, he only had a few dots on his face (and his pants hehe) This was the the product of it being super warm and deciding to study outside yesterday.

And this was the product of (actually) studying outside today. I love warm weather but who knew it could do so much? haha
(I was wearing a hair elastic around my wrist resulting in a sunburn line)

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Yesterday it was snowy, well not exactly snowy, more slushy. Anyway, Cameron and I were hanging out in the lobby and decided to go outside. I wasn't planning on going outside because I was wearing these slip on shoes:
They have zero traction on normal ground, let alone snow. I mentioned that to him when he wanted to cut across the snow covered grass. Not only do I have no traction, they don't have backs so my shoes would fill with snow and I was already on my 3rd pair of socks that day. Basically, the aren't snow shoes in any way, shape, or form. So Cameron decides to give me a piggy back ride across the snow, good idea, right? Unfortunately, the snow was REALLY slick so he slipped... with me on his back. so before I even knew what had happened, I was sitting in the snow. It soaked through my pants instantly. This evolved into a snow ball fight. It was really fun! But, I was at a lot of disadvantages. I'm a LOT smalled than Cameron is so I was easily thrown on the ground. And, back to the shoes, if I threw a snow ball too hard, I'd slip, if the ground sloped at all, I'd slip. My feet were soaked. At one point Cameron stole my shoe and made me hop across the snow on one foot to get it, I fell then too. He also filled my shoe with snow, that was cold to put back on. So basically, I got soaked and Cameron didn't even get wet. It was amazingly fun though!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Today I opened up my mailbox and couldn't help but do a little happy dance because inside was a letter from my friend Will who left on a mission in January. It got me reminiscing.

I met the crazy guy when I was 14 and we talked all the time on myspace and AIM. We went to efy together a couple of times and hung out during Youth Conferences and every stake activity (dances)
<--- funny story. the guy in the back was my "date" to the banquet and he wasn't very happy when Will came over and sat with me. Now those two boys are in the same mission together. Ironic?
Megan, Will, and I were pretty much best friends. It was awesome :) Basically, I'm gonna miss this guy. It's really fun writing to him though, who knew we'd be friends for 5 years and I'd write him to on his mission? Of course, I hoped I would be able to haha but I don't think I realized that it could actually happen.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Some things that made me happy today:

1. Taking an unnecessary but very nice nap
2. Remembering something that Bridget said last night that made me laugh so hard. She was talking about her boyfriend and she said that she might have made a bad choice with him because he doesn't have very much money. "That's why RMs are good, because they're frugal so they save up the money that they get. Then when they start liking you, they'll have money to spend on you." haha it's wrong on so many levels... Bridget is a little bit crazy

3. A Cardinal from the Catholic church came and spoke to us today, he was interesting to listen to. My favorite thing he said was, (talking about leading the Mormon Tabernacle Choir) "I do a better job with the Mormons than I do with the Catholics"
4. There were random moments today when my nose stopped running and I could briefly breath clearly. Those moments were grand.
5. for the 1st time we're having an issue about who is going to buy toilet paper. The conclusion I came up with was that everyone should just have their own roll to take in the bathroom with them... I don't think my suitemates would appreciate that very much.
6. speaking of my suitemates, I realized that one of the smells like maple syrup! I don't know which one but the smell is overpowering and so every time I walk into my bathroom I'm forced to think about pancakes... I don't really like pancakes.
7. Cameron handed me the book that he's reading right now and told me to read a section he really enjoyed. I liked it too, my favorite part said, "Liberals are never wrong. You can ask them and they will tell you. Every time."
8. Discovering a new song, or being told to listen to a song. (I put them on my playlist) My favorites right now are:

Out of my League- Stephen Speaks
Que Vida La Mia- Reik
Unbelievable- Craig David
Cowboy Casanova- Carrie Underwood


So today I had an assignment for my media arts class to look at a blog and write a paper about how the author of the blogs was able to share her family's stories through media. The entire time I was completely distracted by thinking about what I would write if I had a blog... then I really wanted to make one, so I did. It's really late right now but my roommate, Bridget, is still up and being a light sleeper I would be awake until she goes to bed anyway. I have been terrible at keeping a journal since I've been at BYU since August which is really unfortunate because so many amazing things have happened to me. Things that I would really love be able to remember, so maybe having a blog will help with that endeavor. I love writing about myself, that may sound extremely vain but it helps me so much. I can remember things, relive things, and figure out what is going on in my mind. I really have no idea a lot of the time and it takes writing out what's going on to be able to figure it out.

Blogs actually really make me laugh, it makes me think about when I was like 12 years old and I had an Xanga. I wrote about my life... actually now that I think about it I must have been 14. Anyway, it's funny because there was Xanga, myspace, facebook, and now I'm back to blogging. So many things have changed since those days of complaining about not being able to dance with the guy I liked during the last song of a stake dance. Now I'm thinking about how in the world I'm going to be able end my first relationship that is going great because he's leaving on a mission. I'm on my own now, I'm not at home where I just shut myself in my room and be ok with avoiding my problems... I don't want to do that either, that's actually the best part about these changes that I'm experiences, I've been able to see actual changes in myself and I'm ok with taking on my problems head on instead of avoiding them and hoping they'll go away.

The end. (of my first post, let's just see how consistant I am with this)