Friday, April 23, 2010


I'm moving out today. I'm feeling better today about it all than I did yesterday. I'm thinking about the things that I've done this year that I've never done before...
I lived on my own
I met tons of people
I wasn't a tag along or after thought, I was one of the 1st people invited
I was in my first relationship
I went to class or didn't as I pleased
I got a debit card
I was out til 5 or 6 in the morning
I had my first kiss
I packed up all of my belongings on my own
I had my first break up- though it didn't last :)
I wrote a paper every week
I was ok with a little bit of PDA
I picked my own classes
I signed a contract
I broke some rules (only minor ones :) )
I learned how to play so many card games
I watched boys open their mission calls
I said goodbye to my best friends ever
I wrote my first missionary letter
I got out of my comfort zone and went places with people I didn't know
I hiked the Y
I learned more about myself than I ever knew before
I went to my 1st concert
I made more decisions than I have had to before
What an amazing year.... I don't know if any other year in school can possibly compare. That's what I'm going to miss the most, the amazing things that I've experienced and the people I experienced them with.

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