Saturday, April 24, 2010


I'm home, finally. I'm so tired but I can't go to bed yet, even though it's 1:20 am and I have church at 9... I'm still on Utah time which is two hours earlier so it doesn't feel right to go to sleep. I got back at 6 tonight and said hello to my family. By 7 I was ready to fly back to Provo. I'm trying to be positive and happy. I like having my mom to talk to again and it was fun to see Julie while she was around but I'm going through slight BYU withdrawls. I miss my cute little room and having a closet. I miss Cameron. I miss not having to use real money. I miss all of my DJ girls. I miss Colton. I miss my bed, and my pillow. And my big stuffed bear that I slept with. I miss my rubiks cube. I didn't mean for this to become a list of things I miss... I don't know how i'm gonna do this all summer...

Friday, April 23, 2010


I'm moving out today. I'm feeling better today about it all than I did yesterday. I'm thinking about the things that I've done this year that I've never done before...
I lived on my own
I met tons of people
I wasn't a tag along or after thought, I was one of the 1st people invited
I was in my first relationship
I went to class or didn't as I pleased
I got a debit card
I was out til 5 or 6 in the morning
I had my first kiss
I packed up all of my belongings on my own
I had my first break up- though it didn't last :)
I wrote a paper every week
I was ok with a little bit of PDA
I picked my own classes
I signed a contract
I broke some rules (only minor ones :) )
I learned how to play so many card games
I watched boys open their mission calls
I said goodbye to my best friends ever
I wrote my first missionary letter
I got out of my comfort zone and went places with people I didn't know
I hiked the Y
I learned more about myself than I ever knew before
I went to my 1st concert
I made more decisions than I have had to before
What an amazing year.... I don't know if any other year in school can possibly compare. That's what I'm going to miss the most, the amazing things that I've experienced and the people I experienced them with.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Sadly, today is my last full day at BYU until next fall. Colton moved out on Monday and Cameron and Bridget moved out today. Everyone's putting their lives in boxes and (for the boys) taking everything home or (for the girls) sorting through everything to take home what we need for summer and storing everything else. My room, 2116 David John Hall, which has been my home for the past 8 months doesn't look like my room anymore. I took my decorations down and I've been working on packing the rest of my possessions. Most of the rooms in the hall are empty. My friends are gone, heading home to various places across the world. I'm alone here and ready to leave because it's such a depressing ghost town here. I don't fly home until saturday morning though. At least Erin is here. I'm checking out on friday night and staying the night with her. Cameron's with his family now. He and his parents came and helped me lower my bed today, it was super helpful. They're so great. Now, I need to shower, I need to do laundry, I need to pack, I need to move my stuff out of my room, I need to clean, I need to keep myself busy so I don't think too much about this hollow feeling I have because everyone is gone.

Yesterday was a good day. My mom and Erin were here and my Granny and Aunt Rachel drove down from Idaho. Cameron and I went out to eat with them and he got to experience a little bit of my family. It went really well. We had fun and talked a lot. Erin then mentioned that she had to take my cousin Rachel to the airport (from the other side of the family). It was going to be a really long drive so Cameron offered for us to drive up there with her. It was pretty enjoyable, we didn't have anything else to do that day. It was cold and rainy anyway. On the way back from the airport we stopped by my great aunt and uncle's house mostly because my mom wanted us to. We stayed there for a few hours and played games and talked. By the time we left it was past 11. Erin and I were exhausted so Cameron drove our car home. We dropped Erin off at home and Cameron and I had a car for the rest of the night, it was such a nice change after not being able to drive anywhere for 8 months. It was our last day and night and we just enjoyed being together. Unfortunately he wasn't feeling very well, so it put a slight damper on it. But it was still really good :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The End

My first year at BYU is now drawing to a close and it has me reminiscing. I've seriously loved this year, I think it's pretty safe to say that it's been the greatest year of my life so far. I'm not big on change, especially drastic permanent ones like this year ending, me flying back to Kentucky, and not being able to see my guy friends again. (and the ones I do see again it'll be 2 years before that happens) That's extremely difficult for me. I've been dreading the end of this semester as soon as we got back from Christmas, which is probably why it's flown by. I haven't done a very good job of recording all of the amazing things that have happened this year so I'm going to attempt to go over a few of my favorites now.
The Keith Urban concert: it was like the 1st week of school and Michelle Metcalf and I got tickets to the concert. We needed one more person and I happened to have Cameron's number so I texted him and he wanted to go. It was so fun! My 1st concert ever and it was the 1st time I really hung out with Cameron. I started dating him like a month later.
The shaving cream war: EPIC to say the least. Tons of us out in a park throwing shaving cream at each other... awesome. Can't say I've ever done anything like that before, although I should have because we used to do it at girls camp but I never wanted to.

Hiking the Y: Cameron invited me to hike the Y the day after the shaving cream war, haha all of these memories are the first 2 weeks. what can I say? we were excited! Anyway, Cameron and I had fun together and later that week he asked me on a date, so I must have done something right that night. It was fun going up there and seeing the city lights then we had to hike down in the dark, that was an adventure!
Floor sleep over: We went up to Kristin's cabin and all hung out. I think this helped so much with the amazing unity that we all have now and I'm so thankful for that. I'm going to miss all the girls!

True Blue: We went and got covered in blue foam! it was so fun! And yes, this is slightly a Cameron memory because we met up there and hung out the whole time. Once again, it was something that I never would have been ok with if I wasn't at BYU.

Corn maze: a huge group of us went up to Thanksgiving point and went through the corn maze. It was amazingly fun! This sticks out to me because Cameron and I started officially dating a few days later. (I'm not meaning to tell the story of my relationship but those are the memories that stick out to me.)

Halloween: We got the amazing idea to dress up as the Scooby Doo Mystery Gang and it was a huge hit! I've never enjoyed Halloween so much! Random people were coming up and taking pictures with us because we looked so good. (Not to brag or anything)

BYU vs Utah game: The 1st time I really truely got into a football game. It was thanksgiving weekend and I had hurried back from my Granny's house so that I could make it to the game. We ended up winning in overtime! It was so exciting!! After the game a small, really random, group of people went to Bridget's Aunt's house and watched a movie in the movie theater room in her basement.
My birthday: It was a really good day. That night Cameron, Colton, Bridget, and I went bowling and I broke 100 AND won! When we got back we played Disney Scene It and I won at that too!

Kristin's birthday: We had a surprise party for Kristin! She had no idea! It eventually turned into a crazy dance party... so great...
Cameron's mission call: It was a thing that I was both looking forward to and slightly dreading. Where in the world was Cameron going to go? ... without me. selfish, yes, but honest. He got called to Curitiba, Brazil! His call has completely changed our relationship in ways that we never thought possible, for the better. I'm so excited for him and yes, I'm going to write, and no, I'm not going to wait.

Valentine's Day: I've never enjoyed it until this year when I got a dozen roses from my boyfriend! :) not to be superficial or anything, just having someone on that day is so much better than being single like I've always been.

Festival of Colors: It was a Hindu festival where you throw a bunch of colored corn starch at everyone, it's amazingly fun, it's just really hard to breath for a minute when the colors first go up. It gets everywhere too, but it's so worth it!

This is just a few of my memories.... and this is a REALLY long post. Oh well, not very many people actually read it anyway :) this is more for me to help me remember things anyway. Gosh, I loved my freshman year!