Saturday, July 31, 2010


oh how I love letters! I love opening up my little mail box and finding a letter in there with my name on it from one of my friends! Nothing else in my life right night compares to the feeling of getting a letter, which is a slightly pathetic reflection of what my life is right now but I'm finding a lot of joy in little things. I'm getting a little letter-ed out though, I've written more letters in the last month than I've ever written in my life. I think my friends are going to have a better record of what's going on in my life than I will. I have the greatest friends, I miss them but I'm so proud of all of them for being on missions.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


 Missionary letters... I love writing letters. I've come up with a few reasons why but they all seem lame when I say them out loud but I'll just leave it at I love writing letters. (I just read that the price of stamps might go up so I'm gonna have to stock up on forever stamps so I don't have to pay more for them) My 2 best guy friends just left on missions, Elder Cameron Rogers left last week for Brazil and Elder Colton Taylor is reporting tomorrow for Barcelona. So lots of letters and lots of stamps.

This weekend was super fun. I went up to Granny's house and we had a big family reunion that turned out having almost everyone there. The only granddaughter that wasn't there was Julie. We spent the day eating TONS of delicious food and hanging out with family. I was hoping to try wakeboarding again but the water was too cold so I wimped out. I guess I'll just have to go up there again this summer and try it. Maybe I can bring some friends... that'd be fun. We'll have to see. Our family was great though. I'm actually jealous of my mom and sisters who are still up there, even though there's not much to do once the rest of our family leaves.