Monday, August 22, 2011

Happy birthday little Sarah

So my little sister turns 12 today... I can't believe that she is that old. She's grown up so much, just this past weekend she got contacts and her ears pierced. I want to show some of my pictures of her... of course, my external drive with all my old pictures on it is in the basement with all of my stuff while I'm at home in between semesters. So I'm limited to the stuff that is on my computer, let's see what I can come up with.
with our little cousin Hayley at our aunt's wedding

she's really good with kids... Krugh just stuffed an entire strawberry in his mouth haha

Sarah is pretty hard core

she loves dancing and wii

last Christmas

she gets really excited about gifts... especially sewing machines

at her 5th grade graduation last summer

skyping with the family last year

she stole my camera, I believe

Sarah excited about another gift, I think this was her 10th birthday

without fail, if Sarah is given a present in a bag, she will put it on her head

I found 1 old picture! Little Miss Toothless
Well, those are the pictures I could find. I have so many better pictures so I'll have to update this later :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Blogging for the Sake of Blogging

I'm tired. It's 1:00 am. I'm watching country music videos on TV. I'm in the guest bedroom at my parent's house. I'm waiting for my computer to die before I go to sleep. Yeah, I actually really have nothing to say. I've been home since Friday and there's not really anything more to say about it.
This is the song that's on right now :) I love Lady A!!
I went here today:
it was interesting, a MASSIVE hole in the ground. You can see it from space, apparently. This is another picture from the side, just so you can see the magnitude of this hole. Actually it's a copper mine, Bingham Copper Mine. It produces something like 1/4 of the copper used in the United States.
Tomorrow... I think I'm going to try to find something fun to do. I'm kinda dying a little from boredom right now. I'm excited to move into my new apartment in a week :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Moving out

So Chloe just left. and I'm so incredibly sad. Living with her the past 4 months has been one of my favorite experiences ever! Seriously, I barely knew her when she moved in and now she is one of my absolute best friends. We were together almost constantly from the day she moved in. I miss her already. It was one of those friendships where she would call me every day on her way home from work to tell me she was on her way and I would get excited to see her. I know that not living together doesn't mean that we won't be friends anymore, because we will. It will just be so different.

I'm gonna miss my roommate slash best friend Chloe!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Disneyworld :)

This past weekend Erin and I went on vacation to Florida to visit Julie at Disneyworld. What a great weekend!!

We flew out early thursday morning (1:00 am) and by the time we got checked into our hotel we were dead tired. (All nighter number 1 was not good for me) But we made it to our room and fell asleep for a few hours before we went to the park. Then we got up and went to EPCOT!

flying all night was great because I got to see the sunrise :)


Dinner in Mexico

sunset at Epcot
 The second day we went to Animal Kingdom in the morning and then went home and took a nap and went to Hollywood Studios. Animal Kingdom was awesome but really hot and HUMID! But we went on a safari and then rode a couple of roller coasters.

giraffe :)

hey look! a rhino!

on the Dinosaur ride. It was pretty scary

we rode it again. and it scared us again
 At Hollywood Studios we went to the Prime Time Diner. We were treated like family in the 50s. It was fun. Then we rode things like Rockin Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror!!

me trying to look scared.... but I just look stupid

they're oddly happy about getting shot by a star wars thing

Tower of Terror. I was completely freaked out.
The next day we went to Magic kingdom in the morning and met all of the Winnie the Pooh characters!!! I was so excited! But we weren't there very long because it got really hot. so we went to Hollywood Studios again. We rode Toy Story Mania which was my favorite ride ever! We rode it 3 times in a row :)

Talking Mr. Potato Head
  The last day we had Magic Hours so we were able to stay at the park until 2 am! We went to Magic Kingdom so that it wasn't hot and there weren't any lines. it was wonderful!

my sisters on Astro Blaster

Space Mountain again :)
the castle!
 It was such a great trip! I was completely exhausted by the end though. We were at Disneyworld until 2. Then our shuttle to the airport was at 4:45. Our flight was at 7:30. We were on the plane until 12. I had to get to class at 4. Then I had to go to FHE at 7. (we played soccer) after that was all went to a movie at the park so we didn't get back until 11. Then my neighbor had a s'more maker so of course we had to try it out. I didn't get to bed until 1:00. Did you notice that I didn't mention anything about sleeping during this whole thing? That's because I didn't. I was awake for 38.5 hours straight! I don't know how I did it but I did. Yeah. Now I have a final at 7 am tomorrow so I need to study for that. yay!

I love Disneyworld!! :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Last Weekend at Lib^2

So this past weekend was the last weekend I'm going to spend living at Liberty Square because I'm going to Florida this week. WEIRD! It's funny to me to think that I'm finally moving. I have been at lib square for a year now. I cannot believe that it has been that long. Although I was not a huge fan of a lot of aspects of liberty, I have really loved living there. I have made so many amazing friends and had so many great experiences. I have never gone to the pool so much in my life, it's amazing what having friends who like it will do to you haha. I'm not gonna lie, I'm going to miss it. I also wen to my last hot dog friday... sad!
they love me, obviously :)

I seriously love the girls in my ward.

Goodbye Liberty Square! I'm not going to miss your cleaning checks, fines, or horrible internet.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Another First

The past few years have been full of firsts for me. Well I had another one the other day.

 that is glass on the floor all around where my feet were. And the side mirror on the inside of my car...
No worries, I'm completely fine. I have one little bruise from getting hit by glass from the exploding window but that's it. It was a really scary split second and now it's just a problem. (and I didn't take these pictures until today, the wreck didn't happen in a parking lot.)

The girl that hit me honestly did not see me as she was pulling out and I didn't see her until it was too late. Accidents happen, I'm glad it wasn't worse and no one was hurt.