Monday, August 22, 2011

Happy birthday little Sarah

So my little sister turns 12 today... I can't believe that she is that old. She's grown up so much, just this past weekend she got contacts and her ears pierced. I want to show some of my pictures of her... of course, my external drive with all my old pictures on it is in the basement with all of my stuff while I'm at home in between semesters. So I'm limited to the stuff that is on my computer, let's see what I can come up with.
with our little cousin Hayley at our aunt's wedding

she's really good with kids... Krugh just stuffed an entire strawberry in his mouth haha

Sarah is pretty hard core

she loves dancing and wii

last Christmas

she gets really excited about gifts... especially sewing machines

at her 5th grade graduation last summer

skyping with the family last year

she stole my camera, I believe

Sarah excited about another gift, I think this was her 10th birthday

without fail, if Sarah is given a present in a bag, she will put it on her head

I found 1 old picture! Little Miss Toothless
Well, those are the pictures I could find. I have so many better pictures so I'll have to update this later :)

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