Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Moving out

So Chloe just left. and I'm so incredibly sad. Living with her the past 4 months has been one of my favorite experiences ever! Seriously, I barely knew her when she moved in and now she is one of my absolute best friends. We were together almost constantly from the day she moved in. I miss her already. It was one of those friendships where she would call me every day on her way home from work to tell me she was on her way and I would get excited to see her. I know that not living together doesn't mean that we won't be friends anymore, because we will. It will just be so different.

I'm gonna miss my roommate slash best friend Chloe!

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  1. So today is the first time I saw this post and I almost started to cry at work. I miss you!!!!!! Can we please do something soon because this is making me sad. I will text you soon. Okay, bye.