Thursday, February 25, 2010


Today I opened up my mailbox and couldn't help but do a little happy dance because inside was a letter from my friend Will who left on a mission in January. It got me reminiscing.

I met the crazy guy when I was 14 and we talked all the time on myspace and AIM. We went to efy together a couple of times and hung out during Youth Conferences and every stake activity (dances)
<--- funny story. the guy in the back was my "date" to the banquet and he wasn't very happy when Will came over and sat with me. Now those two boys are in the same mission together. Ironic?
Megan, Will, and I were pretty much best friends. It was awesome :) Basically, I'm gonna miss this guy. It's really fun writing to him though, who knew we'd be friends for 5 years and I'd write him to on his mission? Of course, I hoped I would be able to haha but I don't think I realized that it could actually happen.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Some things that made me happy today:

1. Taking an unnecessary but very nice nap
2. Remembering something that Bridget said last night that made me laugh so hard. She was talking about her boyfriend and she said that she might have made a bad choice with him because he doesn't have very much money. "That's why RMs are good, because they're frugal so they save up the money that they get. Then when they start liking you, they'll have money to spend on you." haha it's wrong on so many levels... Bridget is a little bit crazy

3. A Cardinal from the Catholic church came and spoke to us today, he was interesting to listen to. My favorite thing he said was, (talking about leading the Mormon Tabernacle Choir) "I do a better job with the Mormons than I do with the Catholics"
4. There were random moments today when my nose stopped running and I could briefly breath clearly. Those moments were grand.
5. for the 1st time we're having an issue about who is going to buy toilet paper. The conclusion I came up with was that everyone should just have their own roll to take in the bathroom with them... I don't think my suitemates would appreciate that very much.
6. speaking of my suitemates, I realized that one of the smells like maple syrup! I don't know which one but the smell is overpowering and so every time I walk into my bathroom I'm forced to think about pancakes... I don't really like pancakes.
7. Cameron handed me the book that he's reading right now and told me to read a section he really enjoyed. I liked it too, my favorite part said, "Liberals are never wrong. You can ask them and they will tell you. Every time."
8. Discovering a new song, or being told to listen to a song. (I put them on my playlist) My favorites right now are:

Out of my League- Stephen Speaks
Que Vida La Mia- Reik
Unbelievable- Craig David
Cowboy Casanova- Carrie Underwood


So today I had an assignment for my media arts class to look at a blog and write a paper about how the author of the blogs was able to share her family's stories through media. The entire time I was completely distracted by thinking about what I would write if I had a blog... then I really wanted to make one, so I did. It's really late right now but my roommate, Bridget, is still up and being a light sleeper I would be awake until she goes to bed anyway. I have been terrible at keeping a journal since I've been at BYU since August which is really unfortunate because so many amazing things have happened to me. Things that I would really love be able to remember, so maybe having a blog will help with that endeavor. I love writing about myself, that may sound extremely vain but it helps me so much. I can remember things, relive things, and figure out what is going on in my mind. I really have no idea a lot of the time and it takes writing out what's going on to be able to figure it out.

Blogs actually really make me laugh, it makes me think about when I was like 12 years old and I had an Xanga. I wrote about my life... actually now that I think about it I must have been 14. Anyway, it's funny because there was Xanga, myspace, facebook, and now I'm back to blogging. So many things have changed since those days of complaining about not being able to dance with the guy I liked during the last song of a stake dance. Now I'm thinking about how in the world I'm going to be able end my first relationship that is going great because he's leaving on a mission. I'm on my own now, I'm not at home where I just shut myself in my room and be ok with avoiding my problems... I don't want to do that either, that's actually the best part about these changes that I'm experiences, I've been able to see actual changes in myself and I'm ok with taking on my problems head on instead of avoiding them and hoping they'll go away.

The end. (of my first post, let's just see how consistant I am with this)