Wednesday, November 3, 2010

So close!!

I'm almost done with my media arts application!!! FINALLY! It's due on monday. I have been working on this thing all semester! I can't even imagine how great it's going to be to have it done and not have to think about it again until christmas break when I find out if I get in. 1 more analysis and editing a couple more analysis papers and I'm done! I want to turn it in friday so I kinda beat the rush. well, I'm gonna go to bed soon because I'm sleepy.

53 days til Christmas! (technically it's 52 not counting today but we wanted it to be 53)
actually it's past midnight so it's 51.

I got the GREATEST gift for Elder Rogers for Christmas!!! I'm SOOOO excited. I've never been so excited about giving someone a gift but I've never bought a presnet that's so perfect! I got him a wire head massager! and anyone who knows Cameron knows he's a major sucker for a good head scratch or massage but obviously since he's on a mission he's not going to have anyone to help him out with that so I bought him a head massager. It feels amazing! I'm going to hold on to it for a few weeks before I send it so I can enjoy it and then he'll get it for Christmas (in 53 days)