Saturday, May 15, 2010


Well I'm still at home. But since I've been home a couple of big things have happened, the biggest being that we are actually moving. My family sold our house in a week before we'd even put it on the market by some amazing series of events. We're getting ready to start packing and we're heading westward in a month. Super fast, huh? Because I'm going to be in Utah, I signed up for summer semester which starts at the end of June. I'm nervous about that because I'm taking calculus for the first time and taking a semester's worth of calc in 7 weeks is scary. But it's the only major class I'm taking to I hope I won't get too overwhelmed. If I do, I can just retake it fall semester so then I'll be familiar with the material. It's too bad I won't have my super smart Cameron to help me with it because he'll have left on his mission by then!! Speaking of Cameron, we were trying to decide if I should visit him this summer and go to his farewell but after some serious discussion we decided that it wasn't the best idea. I am, however, going to get to see him because my family's going to drive through Colorado Springs (which is where he lives, obviously) on our way to Utah so we'll stop by and say hello. :) That's enough for me.

Now I need to go find something to do, which there isn't as much as you'd think there'd be with us moving in a month and whatnot but oh well. I'll just go enjoy the sunshine, green, and humidity of kentucky while I'm here.