Thursday, October 17, 2013

My Thoughts on... Country Music

One of my all time favorite things to do (on a normal day) is to drive around in my car with the windows rolled down so that wind can blow through the car and my hair and I can smell the outside. I don't get to be outside very much with my job and I've found myself loving those times that I leave for lunch or get to go home. Not that I don't love my job, because I do but I love the feeling of driving. Driving with the windows down and your hair blowing all around just isn't complete without one thing: blaring country music. Country music is just the icing on the cake. I started realizing this when I first got my license when I was 17 and I could just take the car and go but it was just this summer when I figured it out. To me country music has a feeling and a message about enjoying the little things in life. It has a sound that just goes along with warm weather and beautiful surroundings. It talks about America and the freedom we have, it talks about taking back roads and being off the beaten path, going camping and exploring the world. It's just simple. And when you're driving around and looking around and feeling like you live in a great place and the mountains are ridiculously beautiful today the only thing that you can make you love it more is listening to a great country song. 

I also love having my windows down and country music turned up way too loud because I think it's funny. Usually when people blare music it has a really heavy beat and really loud rapping or something. I get a kick out of the funny looks I get when I pull up next to people in my red Santa Fe shamelessly blaring "How Country Feels" and singing along... Sometimes. Sometimes I am a little embarrassed to go quite that far, at least at a stop light- on the interstate? No problem :)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My Thoughts on.... Bathrooms

Don't ask me why this has been a constant thing on my mind but I find myself thinking about it every time I go in a bathroom so I wanted to share:

Bathrooms are just set up so that it makes relieving yourself awkward, I think this for a couple reason, mostly having to do with noise.
1. Why are bathrooms made in a way that echoes so much? No one wants to hear what is happening in the bathroom, whether it's a public or private I feel like anyone in the near vicinity can hear what is going on in there. That's gross. And awkward for everyone involved. My bathroom at work is a fairly large, open room with a toilet in the corner and a sink in the other corner, every single noise echoes. I'm pretty sure that anyone walking down the hall can hear exactly what's going on in there. I know that padded walls would be kinda gross, tile is much more sanitary and easier to clean but it'd be nice to have something to muffle the sound.

2. Why are bathroom walls so thin? I think that bathrooms should be at least double insulated. Seriously. How many bathrooms in houses are there that are just off the kitchen so anyone in the kitchen can hear a guy peeing? I don't mind the location as much because quick access is a good thing but it'd be nice if you didn't have to hear it when you're eating dinner. Or when you're going to the bathroom after your roommate already goes to bed and you know that she can hear you because her head is right next to the bathroom wall. If you can't poop comfortably in your own apartment, where can you? (And yes, I do the "turn on the fan" trick, it helps but it's still weird.)

3. I think that all public bathrooms should be required to play some kinda soft music. Elevator music would be perfectly fine. This would seriously increase the comfort of anyone who is using the toilet. Especially if there is only one other person in the entire room. That's what elevator music is for, right? Breaking up awkward silences? Well bathrooms have the awkward silence accompanied by awkward noises... It just seems like such a simple but effective solution to this problem.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Unwritten Rules on How to Drive in Utah

By writing down these I am now making them written but these are things that I have learned by experience while driving in Utah for the past 3 years. Take these to heart if you ever plan on driving here, it will help you survive.

1. If you want someone to pass you, turn on your turn signal and pretend you are going to merge in front of them.
2. Turn signals are optional- because then people know what you're doing and try to pass you and you have to win.
3. Driving is always a race, no matter where you are going.
4. Red lights are also optional, especially when it was kinda close to a yellow light.
5. Yellow lights mean that you need to go really fast or you will get stuck and lose the race.
6. When driving on the interstate, pick a lane, any lane and drive however fast you want.
7. Speed limits are the minimum speed that you should ever go.
8. There is always a right turning lane, even when there isn't one. So you should squeeze past the cars that are waiting to turn left or go straight.
9. Stopping for pedestrians will make you lose the race.
10. Headlights are optional. When you can see fine in the dark, you don't need your lights because that will let other cars see you and it's none of their darn business where you're going.