Thursday, February 25, 2010


Today I opened up my mailbox and couldn't help but do a little happy dance because inside was a letter from my friend Will who left on a mission in January. It got me reminiscing.

I met the crazy guy when I was 14 and we talked all the time on myspace and AIM. We went to efy together a couple of times and hung out during Youth Conferences and every stake activity (dances)
<--- funny story. the guy in the back was my "date" to the banquet and he wasn't very happy when Will came over and sat with me. Now those two boys are in the same mission together. Ironic?
Megan, Will, and I were pretty much best friends. It was awesome :) Basically, I'm gonna miss this guy. It's really fun writing to him though, who knew we'd be friends for 5 years and I'd write him to on his mission? Of course, I hoped I would be able to haha but I don't think I realized that it could actually happen.


  1. Okay so this (especially the bottom picture) makes me happy and makes me miss William! Sometimes something crazy happens and I want to text him about it and then I realize I will not be able to for a very long time.

    Haha I should probably write him a letter...good idea.

  2. you should write him a letter! he would be so excited to hear from you. I've learned that you can pretty much ask him about everything and he'll give you super good advice back. It's fun writing to a missionary, and well worth the postage :)