Saturday, March 6, 2010


Yesterday it was snowy, well not exactly snowy, more slushy. Anyway, Cameron and I were hanging out in the lobby and decided to go outside. I wasn't planning on going outside because I was wearing these slip on shoes:
They have zero traction on normal ground, let alone snow. I mentioned that to him when he wanted to cut across the snow covered grass. Not only do I have no traction, they don't have backs so my shoes would fill with snow and I was already on my 3rd pair of socks that day. Basically, the aren't snow shoes in any way, shape, or form. So Cameron decides to give me a piggy back ride across the snow, good idea, right? Unfortunately, the snow was REALLY slick so he slipped... with me on his back. so before I even knew what had happened, I was sitting in the snow. It soaked through my pants instantly. This evolved into a snow ball fight. It was really fun! But, I was at a lot of disadvantages. I'm a LOT smalled than Cameron is so I was easily thrown on the ground. And, back to the shoes, if I threw a snow ball too hard, I'd slip, if the ground sloped at all, I'd slip. My feet were soaked. At one point Cameron stole my shoe and made me hop across the snow on one foot to get it, I fell then too. He also filled my shoe with snow, that was cold to put back on. So basically, I got soaked and Cameron didn't even get wet. It was amazingly fun though!

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