Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Today I had to pitch a story idea to my media arts class. It was a competition. Last week in our labs we had to pitch our ideas then our class voted to say whose story was their favorite. I had a really good story idea, a product of a moment of inspiration at 2 in the morning before I fell asleep the night before. So, unfortunately my story idea was pretty brilliant so my class picked my story as number 1 of their top 5 stories pitched. The 5 of us that got picked was then "given the honor" of pitching to our lecture class of about 70 people. I don't like public speaking at all so this was the last thing I wanted. But I didn't have a choice, my TA emailed me and told me last night that my story had been picked. So this morning I got up in front of my class and had to present my story idea in a minute or less without any papers or anything. Needless to say, I was kind of panicing. But I did it. I survived. I stumbled over my words and I don't know if I did my story idea justice but I don't really care, I did it and it's over :)

My story idea: To tell the story of the life and woes of the world's most hated inanimate object- the alarm clock. It be a 2-3 minute short told from the perspective of an alarm clock. It starts with the alarm clock going off and a faceless, nameless teenager wakes up and hits it to make it stop going off. The alarm clock hates going off in the morning because it just gets beat up for doing what it's supposed to do. The beatings get progressively worse, first it's hit, then kicked, then even thrown across the room. The alarm clock then tries to find ways not to go off to avoid getting beat up, it succeeds but the backfires because the person is even more angry because they slept in. Eventually the focus is turned to a calender in the corner of the shot that shows the days passing. You can see that it is finally summer and both the student, and the alarm clock, get a break.

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  1. I love that idea! I'm jealous of your class, I want to take media arts.