Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Email Day

I am living for emails right now. It's a little sad, I admit. But I love getting weekly emails from a certain Elder on his P-day. For the past 3 or 4 weeks since he left the mtc he hasn't had time to write me any letters. That's fine with me because I understand that he's busy and doesn't exactly know what's going on all the time because everyone is speaking Portuguese so he doesn't have much to say. So right now the only contact I have is email once a week on wedesdays. I get so excited to see an email in my inbox. But in the email today I was told that I would be getting a letter in the next week and a half so I'm so extremely excited about that. I'm still not waiting... Right now just no one else has sparked my interest enough for me to have the desire to even go on a date with them.

Something exciting is about to happen in my life though!! I'm going to California this weekend! What?! I have never been... oh my goodness a girl near me's phone just went off and her ringtone was party in the USA, wow... anyway, we're going to Disneyland! It's me, Michelle, Kristin, Michael, and Skylar (my roommates and 2 super great guys from our war) PARTY! I'm so excited. it's really putting a crunch on my time for doing homework though. 4 days gone like that... which is hard when you have 5 papers and 3 tests due in the next week. Speaking of which, I gotta write my history paper so adios!

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