Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Autumn to Winter in a Day

I love autumn, seriously. It's my favorite season. I love everything from the colorful leaves to the slight chill in the air. I love fall clothes, sweaters, HATS, scarves, and boots. I think people look so much cuter in the fall. I love the excitement of packing up my slightly boring summer clothes and getting out my fall and winter clothes. I love fuzzy socks and footy pajamas... It's just so much fun! I also love pumpkins and corn mazes. A little thing that brings me a lot of happiness in the fall is stepping on crunchy leaves. Just everything adds up to make autumn my favorite season. Then with fall comes the excitement of the possibility of snow.

I love snow! The first snow of the year is simply magical. Even though the first snow happened randomly a few weeks ago, I feel like we're waiting for the first real snow. Which will probably be on thursday... Just like that fall is over and winter is speeding in.

A couple of weeks ago I went on a picnic up the canyon before it started getting cold. It was gorgeous up there! I took so many pictures, but here's a couple of my favorites:

I guess Utah can be kinda pretty some times :)

Changing subject: Halloween was yesterday and so I decided to dress up... Kinda. I'm not a huge fan of costumes and stuff but I thought it would be fun to make this shirt so I wore it all day on Monday. I think R2D2 is one of the coolest characters ever and I wanted to draw on a shirt so the result was this:

I was quite proud of myself :) and some people got excited when they saw me.
Happy November everyone!

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