Monday, November 7, 2011

Family Pictures by Sheryll Lynne

My family took family pictures a month or so ago and we got them back and they are awesome! We have never, and I mean never enjoyed taking family pictures. But we loved taking pictures with Sheryll Lynne. She is so much fun and takes amazing pictures. She made us look good, and we always struggle with that haha. These are going to be our family's pictures for a long time!

I'm pretty sure this is the best picture of my parents that's ever been taken

Big sisters :)

I love this picture of Erin

cute little sisters

fun with flowers :)

haha gotta love the graffiti
Sorry there's so many, I just liked them all :) I'm not trying to advertise or anything but if you need pictures taken, get Sheryll Lynne because I like almost all of the pictures that she takes. I'm actually ok with having these pictures framed and put on the wall unlike other family pictures we've taken. If anyone knows what picture of me that I'm talking about that hung in our family room for 5 years or so understands how happy I am to finally have a good family picture.

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