Monday, June 13, 2011

I don't want this semester to end

Lately, people have all of a sudden been thrown into my life and they have made it so much better. And as suddenly as they have become such a large part of my life, they're going to leave again because the semester's ending. But I'm thankful for the times I've been able to have with them recently. I've enjoyed myself in ways that I haven't in a very long time. I went from feeling like I didn't know anyone and not having anyone to hang out with to having an amazing group of friends that are having fun every night. Every day brings a new adventure. I have an absolutely AMAZING roommate that I am convinced is exactly what I needed, a great friend that is so perceptive and catches things that not even I can catch, I can talk to her for hours and I do. We have the clown that can always make us laugh and I will miss terribly when he moves out, a guy that will argue absolutely anything but for some reason it's fun, a guy that will make witty comments and tells the funniest stories ever. And this semester I've even developed a tiny crush... not that it'll go anywhere but it still makes things interesting. I'm sad that it's all coming to an end but it's ok, because I know that good things are still to come.
Come what may and love it!
Also, I've learned that I really like being a sports photographer. I just need to get a faster camera and I'll be set :)

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