Friday, June 3, 2011

Feeling Like a Freshman

This past Memorial Day weekend was SO. MUCH. FUN! I haven't had crazy fun like that since freshman year. It was basically the best weekend ever. This is what my weekend consisted of:

Hot Dog Friday- Free food!! I don't even like hot dogs, but they have strawberries!
I went home and hung out with my little sisters who are nuts. We watched movies, played wii, and stayed up really late.

Andrea fell asleep before the party was over
I hung out at home all afternoon then went back to Provo in time to go see Bridget in the Miss Orem pageant to pass on the crown.
After the pageant was Matt Duffy's birthday party, it was a crazy dance party and so fun!

What a queen :)
Best friend
After church we had a bunch at our apartment. We had lots of waffles and it was amazing. Only our closest friends came, which obviously means our apartment was packed haha. Basically it was a ward activity and it was great!
We then went to our friend's apartment and played Settlers of Catan and Encore which was very competative.
After everyone left, a small group stayed and played True Colors. It was extremely enlightening :)

Kickball in the morning
JDawgs for lunch. YES!!
BBQ at the park for dinner
Ultimate frisbee after it got dark
Sonic run after that... but it was closed so we had to settle for 7/11
This is very true right now

No Sonic run is complete without some good costumes! 

And that was my fabulous weekend! (There are a lot of links in this post, and there's about to be a few more)
My weekend could not have been nearly as good without a couple of people:
Kamree, Mitch, Nich, and my wonderful roommate Chloe
These guys are basically my favorite right now :)
I got so little sleep, got very little homework done, and it was totally worth it!
Best weekend ever!

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