Tuesday, May 10, 2011


So today is my baby sister Andrea's (aka EA) birthday. Except she's not actually a baby anymore because she is now 10!
She is a nut and one of the funniest people ever so I wanted to put together some pictures of her to show... anyone who by chance might happen upon this blog.

 She likes to try to kiss me any chance she gets.
 She likes to put things on her head and walk around


Andrea, look at your bangs!

 Things really don't change
 Some people say we look alike.
 Turning 7... I'm guessing from the fingers she's holding up

 If anyone's seen the video from this night, you'll realize why this picture is so funny. Actually, I have the video, so most people haven't seen it. I'll have to find it.

Found it! :)

 Toothless :)
 Jumping on the bed.

There were so many funny pictures, I had to narrow it down to a few... and I failed. there are a lot of pictures of Andrea on here, but they're all great :)
Happy birthday EA!!

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