Sunday, July 15, 2012


 This past weekend has been one of my favorites while studying abroad. We took a three day trip up to Ireland and it was such a cool experience. We took off right after class on thursday and took so many different modes of transportations. Within one day we took a shuttle, plane, taxi, bus, and train. Our flight took off from the Luton airport and landed in Dublin. From there we got on a train and rode the width of the country to the west coast. Our final destination was Galway. It was beautiful! There were cows, sheep, and horses everywhere, it was fantastic. I'm not gonna lie, I was feeling a little bit clausterphobic being in London because it was so much city around me so it was really nice to go to a place where you look for miles in every direction. We stayed at a bed and breakfast two miles outside of the town center that was owned by a great Irish couple. They were so nice to us, at one point we were standing in the rain waiting for the bus and Dez (the husband) saw us and felt sorry for us and drove us into to town. We spent a lot of our time on Quay (pronounced "key") street, pictured above. It was a lot of fun, there were a lot of pubs and stores to explore. The street was lined with musicians playing a variety of instruments. We learned later that Galway is the place for musicians in Ireland.
The Cliffs of Moher
Friday morning we woke up and went on a bus tour through the countryside. The highlight of the tour were the Cliffs of Moher. (where they filmed the Cliffs of Insanity scene in Princess Bride).  Being there was one of the coolest things I have ever done. They continued on forever and I just wanted to stay there for hours walking along the edge of the cliff. Every step I took changed the way that they looked. It was awe inspiring to feel like you were standing at the end of the world. I loved it!

Saturday morning we got back on the train and headed back to London. It was a successful weekend! I loved having the chance to go to Ireland.

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