Friday, March 16, 2012

Making Money

I got a job!!! It was really an amazing coincidence and it's been great. I just happened to mention to someone how much I needed a job until I leave for London and a guy overheard me and said that he would be keep his ears open to help me. A week or so later he came up to me in class and said that he knows of a job opening and if I sent him my resume then he could submit for me. Within a week I had a job! I can now actually kinda afford to go to London this summer!

I'm the content writer for the Media Arts website To some people it might seem horrible and boring but with stuff like this my closet nerdiness comes out and I get a little bit excited. I surprised myself with how much stuff I knew when I sat down to get started editing. I had to get a number code to be able to get into a special restricted room, it made me feel pretty cool. I'm a part time employee right now, I don't have assigned hours, I just come in and work when I can. Spring semester I might be able to work full time because I'm not taking classes. We'll see :)
One of the 5 work stations, pretty fun, huh?
Do you see those speakers? I like listening to music on those while I'm working

Here's the outline of things on the website, I have to now fill in all the info
The only down side? I work in an editing lab called "The Cave" which is in the basement of the HFAC. No phone service and no windows. So I've been missing the sunshine the past few days. Maybe I'll just work nights or something :)

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